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Pre-Listing Appraisal Services

An investment in a professional appraisal can yield unexpected results for sellers who are often surprised to learn that the market value of their home is much higher or even lower than they thought.  A realistic valuation can help them price their home correctly to attract potential buyers and avoid wasting time, money, and effort. A certified appraiser can provide a skillful listing price in today’s market, even if the seller is working with an experienced agent who provides a comparative market analysis (CMA).

Premier Appraisal Services, LLC offers a pre-listing appraisal to provide sellers and their agents with an objective opinion of value based on recent comparable sales and a detailed analysis of the home’s features. The appraisal can help sellers showcase their home’s best features, identify any problems or necessary repairs, and avoid unknown predicaments that could derail the sale. By eliminating the need to wait for the buyer’s appraisal, sellers can have more confidence that the deal will close.

The appraisal can also help sellers decide which improvements are worth making before listing their home, such as painting the whole house or adding a third bathroom. Not all improvements will have an equal effect on the home’s value, and Premier Appraisal Services, LLC can help sellers make informed decisions that will maximize their return on investment. Unlike agents who may have a vested interest in the sale price, Premier Appraisal Services, LLC provides a professional appraisal fee based on the effort required to complete the report, not a percentage of the sale price. A professional appraisal from Premier Appraisal Services, LLC can help sellers make informed decisions and set a fair sale price for their home.